Will installing a muzzle brake system make my rifle louder?

Yes, there is an increase in sound. The rear angled muzzle brake ports are designed in such a way that they force the gases through the ports and will actually pull the rifle away from your shoulder. Due to the rearward angled ports, the report of the rifle is coming back towards you.  


My firearm really kicks! Will a muzzle brake help?

We have thoroughly tested our muzzle brakes and found that they will reduce recoil by up to 65%.  As an example, imagine taking a .300 WSM and reducing the recoil down to that of a .308 Winchester.  You will gain confidence and precision by reducing recoil. A muzzle brake helps reduce anticipation or flinching, making even the largest calibers much more pleasant to shoot. 


What happens if the Bestiarii comes loose?

Initial installation is critical to the performance of the Bestiarii system. All of the installation instructions provided must be strictly adhered to. Should installation instructions not be followed properly and the system does become loose, it will be sent down range. Due to friction, this can also damage the portion of the barrel over which the Bestiarii system was installed. If you have any concerns with installation, please contact us. We are able to walk you through the process, or even do the installation for you free of charge. Shipping fees may apply.


I shoot a lot of corrosive military surplus ammo. Will my muzzle brake rust?

All of our muzzle brakes are nitrocarburized case hardened. The nitrocarburizing process improves corrosion resistance, and an even greater increase is seen in low alloyed and unalloyed steels after treatment.  Our muzzle brakes can withstand 350 hours of salt spray before any sign of visible corrosion can be seen. Standard firearm maintenace is required, though our muzzle brakes will generally remain corrosion free for a lifetime.